Brundibár: Beyond Imagination represents a vital link to the past and a blueprint for the future. We believe the Summer Theatre Arts Program, film and website will be inspirational, entertaining, and accessible educational tools that advance and celebrate imagination, artistry, collaboration and the strength of human spirit while promoting a worldwide message of understanding and tolerance in the continued fight against genocide and the growing voice of Holocaust denial. In creating this project we will respectfully transform the municipality of Terezín by giving future generations a forum and opportunity to bring the lives and lessons of the Shoah to those living in its shadow.

Brundibár: Beyond Imagination will exemplify the project founder’s belief in treating critical subjects as living, evolving and relevant stories, rather than the staid perspective of historical documentation and education. Brundibár: Beyond Imagination will be presented within an experiential forum of remarkable and heart-rending multigenerational and multiethnic experience to expose common threads of the human condition that reach out from the Jewish experience and speak to an international audience to ensure the lives and lessons of those who suffered the experience of the Shoah will not fade away.